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The Vintage Wedding List

About Us

­­The Vintage Wedding List was set up by Camilla Cobham in response to the many requests she received for unusual and personal wedding presents.

Camilla has worked in the antiques trade since 1999.  She started her career at Phillips auctioneers in Bond Street, where she went on to specialise in textiles.  She later set up on her own as a private buyer, sourcing bespoke items for clients.

The Vintage Wedding List offers a selection of what we believe are some of the best antique presents on the market.  Each piece is chosen with care and thought, ranging from the inexpensive and fun, to the fine and rare.

Unlike other wedding list companies, we buy all of our products and hold them in stock.  Once an item has been added to a wedding list, it is reserved for you for the duration of your list, and if it isn't purchased it goes back into stock.  Many of our clients use us to complement another wedding list.

Presents can be bought individually, not only for weddings, but also for christenings, birthdays or other special occasions.

We hope you love what you find on this site as much as we do!

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